UNIADEX is the provider of IT Managed Services in Japan.

As a total IT support company of the BIPROGY Group, UNIADEX Ltd. offers maximum efficiency in utilizing your own IT asset by providing a diversified services that include wireless LAN, server consolidation, virtualization, asset management, IT governance, thin client, storage, SaaS, authentication system, network access control, internet connection, facility construction, and so forth.

Above all, one of our specialties is IT Managed Services.
We have a wealth of experience in IT operational task and are capable of providing excellent services to address various kinds of needs arising from customers.
Customers can take advantage of a wide range of service portfolio offered by UNIADEX. The comprehensive System Management Service menu is covering such area as system assessment, implementation, operation, monitoring and maintenance. Customers may want to select these service components to better fit their requirements and build up their own service portfolio.
For example, if a customer wants to reduce the management workload for their own IT systems, UNIADEX can provide on-site service/support in the daytime, and remote monitoring service in the night time. Or, if a customer requires more robust operating environment, UNIADEX can offer a datacenter service that will realize a high quality around-the-clock monitoring and troubleshooting support.
The most significant advantage of UNIADEX is that we can provide the ISO9001, ISMS, BS7799 certified high quality services with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at over 180 service locations throughout Japan.
Please feel free to consult with us about outsourcing of your IT system management.
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Message for our potential partners.

For those business planning managers of H/W, S/W vendors and service providers who are looking at the opportunity here in Japan, you can manage your business more efficiently by co-working with UNIADEX.

Whenever you enter into a new market, you have to be well prepared for higher risk. (Especially, when entering into Japanese market.)
You might be required to come in with minimum cost, starting from small operation, so you would not afford establishing support and service system for your products.
However, it should be very difficult to make Japanese customers satisfied without an efficient support system, because they usually require a higher service level in general. Its nature is coming from their cultural background, and it makes things difficult whenever foreign company tries to penetrate Japanese market.
Uniadex has more than 50 years experience providing installation and maintenance services for mainframe computers, servers, network equipments and so on. We are proud of our superior experience as an IT service provider in Japan.
Based on this rich experience, we will provide the installation and maintenance services for your end users on behalf of your field service division.
When you come up with an idea of market development in Japan, the first action you should take is to get in touch with UNIADEX.
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Message for IT operation managers in foreign countries.

Is your company thinking of new deployment or business expansion in Japan?

Then it's worthwhile to take a look at Uniadex services.
Remotely operating and managing IT infrastructure equipment such as servers, routers and other devices would be sometimes a tough challenge.
Should you, then, hire a dedicated local staff?
The answer is, No, you shouldn't, as the expense of hiring IT managers in Japan is costly.
Uniadex can support your task by providing the Multi-vendor IT Operation Outsourcing Service performing the work for IT infrastructure including, so-called IMAC(Install, Move, Add, Change), day-to-day operation, maintenance and decommission.
We offer a hardware/software proposal, any IT solutions and network services needed in your Japanese subsidiary. We can also help you build a private Cloud environment and/or a virtualized data center. Thus you can take advantage of our services in accordance with your own requirements.
If you need to establish your IT infrastructure in an expeditious way, and to keep it working efficiently here in Japan, please contact UNIADEX so that we will be of help to you.
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