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UNIADEX provides ICT support services for Japan originated companies outside of Japan & for foreign companies doing businesses in Japan.

When the foreign (non-Japanese based) companies try to start or expand a business in Japan, successful communications with the Japanese and establishment of the necessary ICT environment are hard to accomplish, especially when there is no IT expertise available at the offices in Japan.
In addition, as the cyber-attacks including ransomware is getting more complexed, the traditional security measures we currently have are becoming insufficient.

UNIADEX will investigate and organize the current ICT infrastructure condition the clients are in & will help resolve the issues together with the clients.

  • For Hardware and Software venders with Japanese customers, UNIADEX will provide the ICT service specified on a contract to the customers in place of the venders.
  • For clients wanting to expand businesses in Japan:
    • UNIADEX will procure and maintain the appropriate tools needed to allow employees to do hybrid-work including PC, mobile units, server, cloud, network and such.

  • UNIADEX can support establishment and moves of the offices in Japan:
    • 1Arrangements between the headquarter office and offices in Japan & making advices regarding ICT solutions
    • 2Selection, procurement, deployment and maintenance of ICT equipment

    Security measures for the ICT equipment at the offices in Japan

    ICT infrastructure establishment and maintenance services are also available in other countries in Asia.

Based on the vast experience and successful deployments we have, we are confident that we will resolve various issues you may have regarding ICT infrastructure. We will be happy to start with consultations regarding ICT deployment, maintenance and security measures.

In addition, UNIADEX provides services for Japan based companies wanting to expand outside of Japan including ICT infrastructure deployment, site survey of the local offices, global standard ICT management.


Comprehensive Japan Office IT Launch Support

UNIADEX provides one-stop-shop service that covers your new office launch in Japan from an IT standpoint. The services we provide range from device selection, installation, settings and tune-up to infrastructure design, support and maintenance.

In addition to several all-in-one services depending on location sizes, various kinds of optional services are also available. Looking to deploy cloud services, adding service locations in Japan, enhancing your business operations in Japan or whatever your plan may be, we're here to listen and propose a scenario that bests fit your needs.


QWe have many service locations and offices in Japan. Various kinds of equipment and devices need to be installed and deployed at each of those locations. How can UNIADEX help us with this difficult and time-taking task?
AUNIADEX's all-in-one service for new location launch includes just about everything necessary for IT infrastructure at a new location, so that you don't have to contact many different service providers and vendors all by yourself.
QWe're having difficulty selecting appropriate devices and defining IT operation policy as we neither know Japanese business customs nor IT equipment availability nor technology maturity. Is that something that UNIADEX can help us with?
AYes. UNIADEX has over six-decade experience in providing IT planning, installation, support and maintenance services to thousands of Japanese recognized companies in various industries. We're able to provide you with advice and proposal based on your needs, with Japanese business practices and IT situations taken into account.
QDoesn't all-in-one service deprive us of flexibility? What if we would like to get additional things done that is not included in the all-in-one?
AAs optional services, UNIADEX also offers services such as facility-related arrangement and application support.

Security Improvement

Due to the increase in the security attacks including ransomware, having a solid corporate governance is urgently needed especially for the global based companies. However, there is a difficulty to provide everything on its own. UNIADEX will provide the necessary security services based on the unique issues each client may have.

  • Site survey/assessment service to understand the current condition:
    By using UNIADEX assessment tool [Security Maturity Survey Service], the current condition of the security measures is identified.
  • Local site survey and analysis of the assessment result:
    By analyzing the result of the survey, the most appropriate solutions meeting the clients' needs are proposed.
  • Consulting service for an effective solution planning:
    By having workshops between the clients and our consulting service team, understanding of the issues, roadmap creation, and the deployment process planning will be provided.


ICT Infrastructure Management Service Provider:

As a total ICT support company of the BIPROGY Group, UNIADEX, Ltd. offers maximum use of your ICT asset by providing network and support services.
Services include wireless LAN, server consolidation, virtualization, asset management, IT governance, thin client, storage, SaaS, GPS usage, authorization system, network access control, web development, internet connection, Green IT, facility construction, and overseas support.
UNIADEX, Ltd. offers services related to ICT infrastructure: we offer everything from consultation, planning, development, operation management to maintenance under one roof.
ISO9001, ISO27001, ISO14001 certified high quality services are offered 24 hours a day 7 days a week throughout the year at major cities in Japan.


  • Regional Offices : 3 (Kansai, Chubu, Kyushu)
  • Sales Offices : 8 (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Niigata, Shizuoka, Nagano, Hokuriku, Chugoku, Shikoku)
  • Services Sites : cover all 47 prefectures
UNIADEX has nearly 50 service locations all over the country in addition to the its Headquarters in Tokyo and Regional Offices in Osaka and Nagoya, making it possible to provide services in all 47 prefectures in Japan.

Tokyo Support Center

Tokyo Support Center

Our clients:

Not only for the Japanese businesses and government entities, we also offer corporate development/solution/system integrator service agent support to foreign entities in Japan.

Area of focus:

You can count on our engineers' skillset with over 60 years' experience in mission critical system support aiming towards your business expansion.

ICT Integration Service, ICT Support Services, ICT Management Services, ICT Facility Services
  • ICT Lifecycle Management (LCM) Service: will do all of the bothersome tasks associated with ICT operations
  • ICT Integration Service: will develop the most appropriate system environment
  • ICT Support Services: will offer software/hardware installation and maintenance
  • ICT Management Services: will support ICT operation management tasks
  • ICT Facility Services: will provide communication lines and facility construction at data centers and/or offices.
We provide supports in three service phases; "Create" the best ICT infrastructure for client needs "Utilize" ICT effectively "Protect" ICT infrastructure safely and securely

Secrets to keeping the high customer satisfaction levels:

One Stop Service:

As your total ICT support services company, UNIADEX, Ltd. offers everything form ICT planning and development to system maintenance, from hardware to software, all under one roof.

Vender Neutral:

As a vender neutral company, UNIADEX, Ltd. can customize and choose the most appropriate asset freely from any venders.
Strong and secure ICT infrastructure is developed and maintained by combining the hardware and software solutions. For software usage, we offer various vender products and open source software.
e.g., A10 Networks, ALAXALA Networks, Aruba Networks, BlueCat Japan, Box Japan, Brocade Communication Systems, CentOS Project, Ciena, Cisco Meraki Japan, Cisco Systems, CommVault, CSE, Cybereason, Deep Instinct, Dell EMC, Digital Arts, EMC, Encourage Technologies, EXGEN NETWORKS, Fortinet, Fujitsu, Google Cloud, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Imperva, Infinera, Infoscience, Lenovo, Microsoft, MIRACLE LINUX, NetApp, NuriFlex, Okta, Palo Alto Networks, PHONE APPLI, Polycom, Pure Storage, Red Hat, Riverbed Technology, RSA Security Japan, Schneider Electric, SIOS Technologie, Sky, Skyhigh Security, Soliton Systems, Sumo Logic, Tintri, TmaxSoft, Trend Micro, VMware, Works mobile Japan, Zscaler, ZVC JAPAN etc.

Network Carrier and Data Center:

UNIADEX, Ltd. can also set you up with network carrier companies and data centers. With the vast co-operation with various companies, we will choose the most suitable partners for your business needs.

High Quality of Services:

Service quality stabilization and improvement is attained by being certified for global certifications such as ISO9001, ISO27001, ISO14001 by organizing the service structures based on ITIL, and by the employee individuals striving to get more technical certifications on daily bases.


Okta Japan, Inc. Jun. 2022

Okta Reseller of the Year

For No.1 result of annual sales in Japan.

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Apr. 2022

Science and Technology Award

A UNIADEX engineer received the award together with two persons of the National Institute of Informatics for the contribution to development of "researchmap" .

"researchmap" is a researcher database that centrally accumulates researcher information in Japan to manage and provide information on research achievements.

SIOS Technology Nov. 2021

Best SI Partner

For contribution of consecutive sales growth of Red Hat products.

Dell Technologies Oct. 2021

Japan Deal Registration Server Award

For the results of the largest deal registration of server in FY21.

CSE Co., Ltd. Apr. 2021

No.1 New Customer Acquisition Partner

For the outstanding result of SECUREMATRIX sales.

ZVC Japan Dec. 2020

Education Partner of the Year

For contribution to propose and integrate Zoom in Japanese educational market.

Cisco Systems Dec. 2020

Technology Excellence Partner of the Year (in two categories)

For contribution to grow Cisco's business in two categories, Enterprise Network & Cloud Business, and Security

Cisco Systems Nov. 2020

Technology Excellence Partner of the Year

For many implementation results of Cisco DNA and SD WAN, and making project team from early stage.

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