Global IT Outsourcing Service


Global-standard IT Outsourcing Service for the Japanese companies that have overseas business locations.


UNIADEX provides Digital Workplace Service (DWS), a standardized IT Outsourcing service that enables globally-operating Japanese companies to manage and enhance their overseas IT infrastructure, by closely working with Unisys Corporation and utilizing its service delivery network. UNIADEX-Unisys partnership makes it possible to monitor and support customers' IT management at over 100 locations worldwide on a 24x7 basis, with a single point of contact and reporting.
UNIADEX and Unisys always stand ready to help global organizations improve their IT operations. We bring you the world's largest footprint of field and virtual support capabilities and resources with a proven track record of leading the customers in operations in various industries. Through DWS, the customers are assured an intelligent and proactive support on any device and application, anywhere and any time.

Service Delivery Scheme

  • Follow The Sun
  • Single common tool set for the integrated information management.
Worldwide Service Desk Locations Around-the-clock Service is available at 13 sites and in 19 languages.

March 07, 2023 Updated


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