IT Infrastructure Deployment Service


We provide "one-stop" service offering all services from procurement to repair/maintenance for companies expanding their businesses outside of Japan.
We offer various services including procurement and deployment/maintenance of IT equipment suitable for a hybrid workstyle, local ICT site survey, global level security solutions, internal IT governance solutions, and other ICT services to establish an environment suitable for further business expansion.


  • ICT infrastructure designs, procurement, installation, and maintenance.We will cover whatever is your request.
  • All services are offered as "one-stop" service, making it easier to manage all services by consolidating the solutions to one company using a single point of contact for all issues.
  • Consideration to each country's unique needs and requirements are made.

As a vendor-free reseller of equipment, we can make a proposal choosing from multiple vendors to best suit your business needs. Relieving the cumbersome tasks will help you concentrate on your business.

Service Structure

Robust Global Network

Services are available in Asia Pacific, North America, South and Central America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and beyond over 100 countries.

Depending on the International affairs/circumstances, the capabilities may change. Please consult us for details.

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