ICT Asset Inventory / Guideline Creation Service: "International ICT Rescue Service (Kokusai ICT Kyujo TAi)"


If your company have an ICT infrastructure outside of Japan, we offer various services to solve the infrastructure related issues and problems.

"ICT Asset Inventory/Guideline Creation Service: International ICT Rescue (Kokusai ICT Kyujo TAi)" is the long-waited global ICT service

  • Experts are sent from Japan to the local sites in various countries to conduct detailed survey.
  • Online survey of the IT infrastructure equipment connected to the Internet is also available.
  • IT guideline is provided based on the result of the survey.
  • Improve Global Business reliability and optimize the investment cost.


Service Structure

Robust Global Network

Services are available in Asia Pacific, North America, South and Central America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and beyond over 100 countries.

By collaborating with your affiliated companies and the local partners, ICT deployment, maintenance and management services can be provided in over 100 countries around the world. Equipment procurement, system deployment, onsite services, language services over 20 languages are offered in major cities.

Depending on the International affairs/circumstances, the capabilities may change. Please consult us for details.

Support Collaboration in Asia - One Stop -

In collaboration with our affiliated/subsidiary companies called NETMARKS in 6 Asian countries, premium IT support services can be provided to your sites and offices in Asia

Netmarks are UNIADEX's affiliated companies in China and in the Southeast Asian countries. We work closely and seamlessly with Netmarks to strengthen clients' IT infrastructures and IT governance in China and in 5 Southeast Asian countries. Clients are supported in implementing networks for the local factories and offices as well as providing cloud services. End-to-end support ranges from designing and deploying IT infrastructures as well as their maintenance and management.

March 07, 2023 Updated


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