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《For HW/SW Vendors》Maintenance Support Outsourcing Service

For those business planning managers of H/W, S/W vendors and service providers who are looking at the opportunity for entering into Japan market.


Whenever you enter into a new market, you have to be well prepared for higher risk.
(Especially, when entering into Japanese market.) You might be required to come in with minimum cost, starting from small operation, so you would not afford establishing support and service system for your products.
However, it should be very difficult to make Japanese customers satisfied without an efficient support system, because they usually require a higher service level in general. Its nature is coming from their cultural background, and it makes things difficult whenever foreign company tries to penetrate Japanese market.

UNIADEX has more than 50 years experience providing installation and maintenance services for mainframe computer from the age of UNIVAC/Burroughs to Unisys. We are proud of our superior experience as an operation service provider in Japan.
Based on this rich experience, we will provide the installation and maintenance services for your end users on behalf of your field service division.

We provide the following services ;

UNIADEX has more than 180 service stations throughout Japan, and we are capable of keeping an eye on your products installed in Japan to ensure the stable operation around the clock.

UNIADEX provides ICT managed service for Japan branch offices as part of Unisys global service contract

Reach out to your overseas customers by utilizing Uniadex services to work domestically in Japan on behalf of you and your company.

Acclaimed as the best outsourcing service provider in Japan, we offer extensive number of services including technical engineer dispatches around the clock, deskside support, call center function and other specialized menus to suit your company's needs. With warehouses and engineer service stations already in place throughout Japan, we offer a very high capability that can not be compared with other providers.

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March 25, 2015
(May 30, 2018 Updated)

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