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《For End users》Managed IT Outsourcing Service

For ICT infrastructure operation managers in foreign countries



Is your company thinking of new deployment or business expansion in Japan ?
Then it's worthwhile to take a look at UNIADEX services.

Remotely operating and managing ICT infrastructure equipment such as servers, routers and other devices will be hand to accomplish.
Shoud you, then, hire a dedicated local staff?
The answer is, No, you shouldn't, as the cost for ICT managers in Japan is costly.

UNIADEX can support your task by providing the Multi-vendor ICT Operation Outsourcing Service (Smart On-site Service) performing the work for ICT infrastructure installation, day-to-day operation, maintenance and decommission.

We provide the following services ;

  1. Software update and applying patches
  2. Asset management, backup
  3. Help Desk Service for daily operation provided in Japanese language.
  4. 24x7 On-site Service

UNIADEX is capable of keeping an eye on your ICT infrastructure to ensure the stable operation around the clock.

ICT : Information and Communication Technology


UNIADEX provides ICT managed service for Japan branch offices as part of Unisys global service contract

One of our global partner, Unisys Corporation has made global service contracts with multinational company according to the contracts and UNIADEX supports ICT infrastructure in Japan.

  1. Service desk is located Shanghai in Mainland China with Japanese support capability
  2. UNIADEX mainly provides global/regional coordination, local prucurement, field engineering service and desk side support service for local customer's day by day operation

By this formation,
 Customer can manage their ICT cost on a worldwide basis
 End user is satisfied with the service quality (Japanese support)

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March 25, 2015
(September 28, 2020 Updated)

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