Wrap - Cloud Based Network Service


Internet connection is all it takes to start using the service.

Wrap® is a cloud-based network service offered by UNIADEX, Ltd. It wraps and delivers everything you need to seamlessly connect "things," "people," and "services" using private LTE over IP. LTE over IP enables you to securely use your corporate network wherever you are.


Private LTE using Internet connection of your choice

  • Only software installation is needed as an insitial setup
    Windows/Linux/IOS/Android... the software can be installed to various OS. No hardware modification is required.
  • Various types of Internet connection can be used
    You can use any line that enables TCP/IP communication. There is no dependency on using a specific carrier service nor a certain environment.
  • Having control over each terminal unit
    Just like the smartphone services, various settings can be made to each terminal devices to control the communication, bandwidth, etc.
  • Security level equivalent of a closed SIM
    Communication is made using LTE tunneling which is the highest level of end-to-end security. There is no chance of the traffice/communications being exposed to the Internet.

Be Connected

Cloud-based Networking

  • Routing control and security assurance on the cloud
    Wrap service provides all the networking functions to connect the terminal device to various servers and services. Network security including FW and UTM is also offered under Wrap Service.
  • Routing control is possible on a per terminal unit basis
    By using LTE technology, Wrap provides routing control on a per terminal basis, which is not possible with conventional remote access solutions. Services to be used by each individual user can be defined in detail.
  • Secure connection to various SaaS and company network
    Wrap Service can be connected to various communication services including Internet VPN and corporate leased lines. Secure connections can be made to the client's network and various SaaS services.
  • Flexible addition of services
    Wrap Service allows you to add various network and server systems as needed. UNIADEX, Ltd. will provide the most suitable components by taking advantage of our technological capabilities as a SIer.

Wrap Features

"Zero-touch" Connection to Your Corporate Network

Just boot up your PC and you're on the company LAN!
Eliminate the difficult remote access procedures!

No Complicated Systems Needed

On-premise management of the equipment and components are no longer required.
Even if it is a first time to introduce a sudden expansion of telework, the service can flexibly respond to your needs.

Highest Security Level of the World

The same level of security as a closed SIM (closed LTE) is offered on any network!
Wrap is the only solution offering this kind of security.

Wrap Feature Summary

February 14, 2023 Updated


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