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Greetings, this is Miura of UNIADEX, Ltd. I am in charge of handling global businesses at my company.

For the 1st blog article新規タブで開く, I wrote about the experience I had a while ago to talk about the communications over different cultures.

For the 2nd article新規タブで開く, I wrote about "the Importance of the words used" and "the best part of doing global businesses".

For this 3rd last article, I would like to write about "the extraordinary word I encountered".


I encountered this word, "serendipity", at the orientation meeting for my daughter's university & immediately fell in love with the word.

It means:
"The skill to discover surprising things without any intention"
"Discovery of surprising things/elements"
"Things/elements found by a luck"
"Unexpected encounter"

However, the implication of the word I learned is this:
"All things happen inevitably"

Anything you find "by a luck" - you still have to start wanting to find it.
"Unexpected encounter" - you still have to get there (take the first step) to encounter it.
The moment you take an action, that becomes inevitable.

I found this very interesting. 
To take a step. To make an action.
This also relates to conducing global business & it became one of my favorite words.

Taking the very first step "yourself" is truly inevitable to do any business globally. 
In Japan, working globally is not yet so mandatory & many of you may be too busy dealing with the domestic projects.
As I often manage the global projects and even become the owner of the project sometimes, I'm hoping that you also have the chance to experience the new encounters and experiences by doing business globally.

System deployment at a country you've never been before, working with people you've never met before, confusions made by different languages and cultures... there are so many elements you can be worried about.
However, with the predecessors' experience/knowledge and by making prior confirmations along with having a good communication can easily lead you to a successful system deployment in China/Southeast Asia.
The only thing needed then is to have a skill called "serendipity", believe in the word, and take the first step.

グローバルビジネス コミュニケーション術①
Encounter in New York - a form of a security measure. You must physically be there to see this kind of scene.
グローバルビジネス コミュニケーション術②
Logistics situation in Vietnam. I saw how the motor bicycles are utilized & it made me aware of the logistic business potentials and the matching applet necessity.
グローバルビジネス コミュニケーション術③
At a restaurant in Vietnam. I tried to communicate in the local language; however, it ended in "Xin lỗi" (apologies in Vietnamese ).

On a last note - True meaning of Information Communication

In China/Southeast Asia, it is still rare to see engineers who get excited about having to deal with incidents contemplating how s/he would solve the problems.
The experience I wrote about today is from some time ago; however, the importance of having a good communication has remained the same. 
Appropriate communication is most imperative to successfully complete a global business project without any stress.

[Communication] = [paying back on emotional basis]
In Japanese, the word "information" is made of 2 Kanji characters meaning "paying back on emotional basis" (情報)
"Your intension (emotion) will be understood & they will definitely return in favor of you"
"You must be able to clearly communicate yourself for providing such system."

This is the end of 3 articles I wrote regarding the "Importance of communication" as a part of global communication skill. Thank you for taking a time to read them.
I truly wish you take the actions with a courage to experience the global projects yourself.

I'm thinking of making the next theme for my blog article to be "Quality". 
Please look forward to it.
'till then.

Masahiro MIURA

Joined Netmarks Inc. (currently, UNIADEX, Ltd.) in 2002. Sold transmission units for the communication carriers and provided project management under Service Provider Business Division. Managed ICT infrastructure deployment projects for the Southeast Asia region under Global Business Division in 2008. Also managed outsourcing projects for IT management of the global locations and PC unit deployment project management for China and Southeast Asia.

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