Being seconded to Netmarks Shanghai under the COVID-19 crisis <Column 3rd of 3>

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Greetings. This is Hideki Miyazaki of Netmarks Shanghai.
Netmarks Shanghai has been providing IT infrastructure services mainly for the Japanese companies in China since 2003. Many of our customers already have business relationships with Uniadex, Ltd. in Japan, so we are working at our best to provide the same level of quality services as in Japan.

I was seconded from Uniadex, Ltd. to Netmarks Shanghai in August, 2021. As I had to travel to China under the COVID-19 situation, I am sharing my experience in the preparation and after arrival of the transit. There will be a total of three articles on this & this is my third article. (Click here to read the 1st article 新規タブで開く or the 2nd article 新規タブで開く )

Self-Quarantine Period

I finally completed the long quarantine days at the hotel in end of August.

On that day, I packed everything early in the morning and waited. But it was not until around noon when I finally got a call from the front desk telling me I was approved to leave the site. At the front desk, I received a certification for the stay and the PCR test results. When I stepped outside, I felt like I finally made it to the land of Shanghai for the first time.

Unfortunately, this however is not the end of the quarantine.

As the infections were increasing in China, I needed to follow another week of self-quarantine period. From the hotel, I moved to a service apartment the local staff prepared for me. Service apartment has furniture, household appliances (fridge and washing machine), a mini kitchen, dishes and utensils. The room cleaning and bed making with new linens were also included in the service.

During a self-quarantine period, I was not allowed to go outside except for buying food. There were convenience stores and a small shopping mall near the apartment, so I had no trouble obtaining something to eat.

Since the hotel did not provide any fresh vegetables at all, the first sandwich I ate after the hotel stay was a memorable moment.

To enter any large shopping malls or medical buildings, one has to have a health code(健康碼)on a smartphone. The registration is possible from WeChat or Alipay. After the registration, there is a chance you will be asked to enter daily body temperature.


During the 1 week of self-quarantine period, I had to take my body temperature myself and take 2 PCR tests at a hospital I was assigned to. I had to keep up as the results had to be reported to the service apartment I was staying at. The PCR test results were conveniently available at a vending machine located outside of the hospital & it was ready within a same day by the evening.


A free man at last after a week of self-quarantine.

Shanghai is easy to get around & the view on a sunny day is splendid.


This is the end of 3 articles on my experience of traveling to China.

Has an experience of managing an open style call center and the engineers in Japan. The tasks at Netmarks Shanghai are to manage the engineering quality, develop new clients, and to discover new business commodities. Eating and walking are my favorite activities. I stroll around my apartment on the weekends & even travel some distance to discover popular places in Shanghai.