Life in Shanghai during the pandemic – From a Chinese point of view (part 2)

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Life in Shanghai during the pandemic - From a Chinese point of view (part 2)

Greetings, everyone. This is Xu Wenjun. I have been working for Netmarks Shanghai for 13 years and I am in charge of the General Affairs and Finance. My hobby is riding a bicycle, playing badminton, and reading books.
The information contained in this blog article is as of Sept. 1st, 2022. For the latest information, please refer to Japan Consolate in China website or other appropriate sources.
This is part 2 of the blog articles about the conditions in Shanghai. Part 1: Life in Shanghai during thepandemic - From a Chinese point of view (part1)
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After 2 months (from April 1st to May 31st, 2022) of static management (also referred to as a lockdown in Japan), city of Shanghai has finally re-started its economic activities. When I went to my office on June 1st, people on the metro and the bus I took were wearing masks and keeping a certain distance from each other.
After the release of the static management, no more large-scale shut down was made. The duration of a shut-down was shortened from 14 days to 7 days when a positive infection was found within the district. Yet, a proof of negative PCR test result within 72 hours was still needed to enter any commercial, office or public buildings/facilities. The health applet called Sui Shen Ban is a must to make this proof. It can be downloaded as a single applet or be used in the mini applet of WeChat or Alipay. It has all of the necessary functions showing health conditions and PCR test results as well as it searches for PCR test centers nearby.

[Sui Shen Ban health applet]

PCR tests were being repeated 2 times a week for all the residents living in the district I lived in. There was a long line at the PCR test spot right after the release of static management. However, multiple more temporary PCR testing spots got placed in the city & the applet also shows how crowded each PCR test spot is. So, there is no waiting time to get a PCR test now. FYI, collection of the specimen for the test is now taken inside the mouth instead of from nose.
At the PCR test spot, I display a PCR code in the applet and have it scanned. After about 6 to 12 hours, the test result gets displayed in the applet.

[PCR test spot at the park across from Netmarks Shanghai office - there is usually no waiting time]

At the entrance of a building, display of a site code Sui Shen Ma officially started on June 1st. Sui Shen Ma on Sui Shen Ban (the applet) shows the elapsed time since the last PCR test. By reading the 2D code at an entrance using a smartphone, the health code gets displayed. Then I show the code to the guard & the guard lets me in if the test result is negative within 72 hours.

[2D code at the entrance of metro line 15 - by reading the code with a smartphone, the behavior of the visitor is recorded & a health code gets displayed.]
[Health code - The green 2D barcode indicates that the health condition of the holder is good. It's also showing how long it's been since the last PCR test. (In the red box, it is showing that the test was made within 24 hours with a negative result)]

Sometimes, a digitalized guard is available instead of having a physical human being at a building entrance to check on the health code. By having the applet or my ID card scanned, the PCR and antibody test results are identified while it also scans my body temperature. If I have 37.5 Celsius or above fever, an alert goes off.

[Digital guard on a stand located at the lobby of the building Netmarks Shanghai office is in]

If I have a negative PCR test result within 24 hours (either that, negative PCR test result within 48 hours plus a negative antibody test result within 24 hours), I can go outside Shanghai. But I try not to. This is because the visitors from Shanghai are currently not being so welcomed. Even if I try to visit the clients outside of Shanghai, they gently decline the offer. To return to Shanghai, one will need negative PCR test result within 48 hours.
This is the end of my blog article about [the pandemic life from a Chinese point view]. Were you able to feel how the modern DX is fusing into our daily lives to control COVID-19 situation? I also hope that this information will be a help to anybody needing to travel to Shanghai.
In recent years, we have been experiencing not only the diseases such as COVID, but also natural disasters in the world. I truly hope that the man-kind win against any difficulties and start living peacefully!
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許文俊(Xu wenjun)

Works at Netmarks Shanghai for 13 years - General affairs and Finance.
Hobby is to ride bicycles, play badminton, and read books.