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Providing “Total Service” by merging subsidiaries

Sawàtdii (Hello), this is Vises. I would like to introduce Netmarks Thailand today.

Netmarks (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. We also established a subsidiary company named Planning Soft in 2003 to provide application development services & established another subsidiary company named SCET in 2004 to provide data center deployment/construction services. Netmarks Thailand then incorporated these two subsidiaries in 2021 to provide holistic IT infrastructure related services under one roof (“Total Service”).

Introduction of Netmarks Thailand
NETMARKS Thailand Corporate History

We have over 100 employees at our company. The services we provide are based on ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) Standards and our customers rate highly of the services we offer. Data center solutions in particular are popular as we provide all the necessary services under one roof (“One Stop Service”) including: network equipment procurement, racking, power related construction, after deployment monitoring and maintenance. We have a wide range of our clients in various fields including public transportation, medical and government industries.

The office is located at Sukhumvit area of Bangkok. Sukhumvit is known for having a number of Japan Originated Companies’ offices & it also has the largest number of Japanese who live in the area. Many restaurants and shops are owned by Japanese as well. If you are ever int Sukhumvit, feel free to visit Netmarks Thailand office anytime !!

Introduction of Netmarks Thailand
Netmarks Thailand’s office is located in Sorachai Building in Sukhumvit area.

IT Trend in Thailand

There has been an increased number of inquiries regarding Hewlett Packard Enterprise Aruba SD-WAN and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI).

Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) was executed on June 1st, 2022; therefore, inquiries regarding such data management have also increased. Most of the clients of Netmarks Thailand are global companies and already have an experience of handling General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of EU. Therefore, many seem to be handling PDPA without any major issues.

The shift to the Cloud Services is also apparent in Thailand. Thus, Netmarks Thailand is getting prepared to provide professional services on Amazon Web Services (AWS) migration & cloud solutions including its management and monitoring.

Future Outlook

Did you know that Thailand is having issues with declining birthrate and aging society & that the speed of experiencing such issues is the fasted among ASEAN countries?

Introduction of Netmarks Thailand
Source: Institute for International Monetary Affairs (2022) [Mid to long term growth power of ASEAN countries under COVID-19 situation]

As we have a large number of people believing in Buddhism, the elderlies are well taken care of, making it easier for them to live in the society. On the other hand, IoT improvement is needed. I believe more businesses targeting the senior generations will increase in industries such as healthcare.

Social Media in Thailand

In general, Thai people use their smartphones throughout the day & are very depended on smartphones. The rate of using smartphones to access the Internet in Thailand is 98.8% which is the highest in Southeast Asia.

Introduction of Netmarks Thailand
Source: Insider Intelligence (2022)『Smartphone Users in Southeast Asia, By Country 2021-2026』

Nowadays, social media influences the markets the most.
Which social media do you think is most often used in Thailand?

It is Facebook for B-to-B & Facebook and LINE for C-to-C. At Netmarks Thailand, Facebook is also essential to be used as a communication tool with the customers. We update our Facebook account everyday as a part of our marketing activities.

We used to have our engineer or a sales account personnel to also handle the marketing tasks, so the amount of focus we could put into marketing was limited. In May of 2022; however, we finally hired an employee dedicated to handling marketing tasks!!

Remote Work

Under COVID-19 situation, Netmarks Thailand is following the form of remote work in general. Meetings with our clients will depend on their preference as we offer both onsite visit and offsite online meeting options. For the physical deployment and maintenance tasks, we provide onsite services as much as possible.

Using our experience of knowing the advantages and disadvantages of working remotely, we will strive to promote the most effective workstyles for both the [clients and Netmarks] and [company and employees].

Introduction of Netmarks Thailand
Netmarks Thailand office – bright and with open spaces


Before COVID-19, we had company trips and end-of-the-year parties on a regular basis. Preparing for those events were a challenge as we had many employees, but everyone looked forward to them. I know we will be re-starting those activities in the near future.

Company trip photo taken at a hotel in Chonburi, South of Pattaya.
Company trip photo taken at a hotel in Chonburi, South of Pattaya.
Introduction of Netmarks Thailand
Big end-of-the-year party we have every year.

We also have group trainings for the management people on a monthly basis. We are currently offering trainings online.

Introduction of Netmarks Thailand
Management seminar with invited guest speaker (top right)

Japan Originated Companies

Sense of time differs among the Thai and the Japanese. So, we strive to have fast responses. All the employees are taught to respond any client inquiries as soon as possible.

Just like UNIADEX, Ltd., we also have been promoting Customer Success philosophy since 2021. Instead of just providing the maintenance services after the deployment, we continuously work with our clients to overcome their issues & to lead each client business to a success.

Final Note

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.
I truly wish the services Netmarks Thailand offers be useful for our customers.

Introduction of Netmarks Thailand

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