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NET911 contribution to customer acquisition!!

Magandang araw! This is Philip and Raymond of Netmarks Philippines.

Netmarks Philippines was established in Manila in 2001 by having a joint investment made by Philippine’s entrepreneur and NETMARKS Japan (Currently, UNIADEX, Ltd.).

In comparison to other NETMARKS in other countries, Netmarks Philippines has a higher rate of system engineers as we focus more on offering software related services. As we provide a substantial number of educational trainings on the various products we service, our employees are highly motived to learn many different skills. Thus, we have a lower job turnover rate when compared to our competitors.

Introduction of Netmarks Philippines
A meeting held at the office of Netmarks Philippines

We do not only hire people living in Metro Mania, but we also proactively hire people living in the Industrial Park area where our client sites are located. It is because it takes too long to reach the customer site from our office in Makati of Metro Manila where the traffic is always jammed.

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic restriction phase, we had to have an entry pass be checked whenever we moved across a district. Since the checking procedure took 30 to 90 minutes, it took 4 hours one way from our office to the site. However, since we had employees living in outside of Metro Manila, we were able to provide fast services and assurance to our clients. We also have been rated highly of providing our engineers to work on behalf of the clients when they got infected with the virus and couldn’t go to the site.

Since the beginning of Netmarks Philippines’ establishment, we have offered a brand service called NET911 focusing more on providing the “after services”. Not only the Japan Originated Companies, but also the large domestic companies in Philippines take advantage of this service. I also introduced this service during an interview for NexTalk web magazine of UNIADEX, Ltd. Netmarks Philippines provides Japanese style and level of services to ensure its quality. Nowadays, it is not rare to have some customers switching from other company’s service to NET911 Support Service.

Digital Marketing

Netmarks Indonesia is handling digital marketing, but I also find Netmarks Philippines’ digital marketing to be quite unique. 

Before COVID-19, our sales representatives visited 4 to 5 different customers during a day. But COVID-19 had changed the situation. So, we decided to host a game event called Bidawone every Friday from 12:00 to 12:20 to share some time with our customers. This event originally started when the remote work began during the pandemic to avoid losing the communications over our employees. But now, it has turned into a fun fighting game of Netmarks Philippines versus the customers. This event will be held for the 100th time on October 14th, 2022.

Bidawone gives simple quizzes on various topics. When you win a game, a point will be added. You can then choose a gift from a catalog such as food or gift vouchers. Netmarks Philippines succeeded in keeping the habit of visiting our customers by offering this kind of gamification.

Introduction of Netmarks Philippines
The 54th Bidawone theme was “Halloween Costume Party”
Introduction of Netmarks Philippines
Bidawone online Halloween Party with our customers

We used to have a face-to-face meeting with the customer over having a cup of coffee before, but now the meeting is held online.
We therefore made some drip-bag coffee named NetGrounds. We named each bag with IT related brand names & made 10 bags as one package. We sent these coffees to our customers every 3 months as a subscription so we can have online coffee meetings. By doing so, we are keeping our communication with our customers on a regular basis even when we cannot visit them in person.

Introduction of Netmarks Philippines
The subscription coffee for our customers:
It’s a play on IT words – e.g. [CTO Blend] and [Cloud Blend]

IT Trends

Before COVID-19, security measures such as firewall and anti-virus solutions covering the internal security issues within a company were mostly sold to our clients. As the work style shifted to remote work during the pandemic period, more clients (re)considered the use of the endpoint security solutions. People are now particularly nervous about ransomware. Thus, Netmarks Philippines has recently sold more solutions such as Falcon’s CrowdStrike, SilverSky, and Trend Micro’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).

Network conditions in Philippines

5G services have expanded in Philippines & even my smartphone is displaying the icon for 5G signal. However, I do not feel the traffic is any fast. I was told by my engineer who made a business trip to Singapore the other day that 5G in Singapore was truly fast. He mentioned that the Philippines’ 5G speed is about the same as Singapore’s 4G. <laugh>

So, what would be the reason for not attaining much improvement of the communication environment in Philippines? In the 1990’s, there were about 30 telecom companies in Philippines. However, due to mergers and acquisitions, there were only 2 companies that remained: Global Telecom and PLDT. Due to the lack of healthy competitions for a long time, the communication related environment did not see much improvement. After 2020, there are now new telecom companies such as DITO and NOW Telecom; however, it may still take some time before seeing much improvement to be on the same level as Singapore’s 5G environment.

Mobile Payment

In Philippines, only less than 30% of the people have a bank account, and less than 10% own credit cards. Because of this, cash-less payments did not get as popular. Many Filipinos tend to spend all the money they have at hand and saving money is a rare practice. Since it will be too costly for the banks to maintain customer accounts with small balances, banks practice a strict screening for people to open a new account. However, due to the impact of COVID-19, online purchases at EC sites increased & the use of e-wallet and Digital Wallet Services suddenly got spread.

Mobile Payments such as GCash are now often seen at shops in Philippines. More people are using mobile payments as they are easy to apply online and the screening is not as strict as the banks’.

Corporate Events

“Merienda” is the word we use for eating snacks (light meals) in Philippines & we have many meriendas during a day. Even if it’s a working day, we could have one Merienda in the morning and another in the afternoon. Before moving to remote work due the pandemic, Netmarks Philippines provided the employees free snacks twice a week & a free lunch every week.

Filipinos also love parties. Birthday parties are big events for us. Netmarks Philippines hosts a joint birthday party for the employees every 3 months. Christmas party is also a big event.

Introduction of Netmarks Philippines
Lunch party with the office members

Although the event has been suspended now due to COVID-19, Netmarks Philippines Team consisting of 5 employees used to participate in a marathon race in Manila every year. The average age of our employees are around 30 years old & we picked running the marathon since it was a sport everyone around this age could do.

Working with Japan Originated Companies

I teach my employees the importance of making a proper greeting when visiting a client location. Regardless of how much hurry he or she may be in, I tell them to always greet the client at first and at the end before leaving.

Because of the traffic jam we have in Manila, the actual arrival time often gets delayed than expected. But, whenever any delay is expected, our employees are trained to contact the customer and let them know. Otherwise, the customer may feel some anxiety for not having us show up as scheduled. On top of that, we focus heavily on providing documentations that are thorough since many of our Japan Originated Companies require submission of many document deliverables.

I hope you enjoyed reading how Netmarks Philippines is like. Netmarks Philippines will continue to strive making new challenges. Please feel free to contact us for anything.

Introduction of Netmarks Philippines
Philip – Chairman (Left) & Raymond – CEO (Right)

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