How secure is your security measure at your overseas offices/locations?

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Greetings. This is Yuji Yoshizawa of Netmarks Singapore新規タブで開く.

Today, I would like to introduce a cloud type Endpoint Security Management Tool.

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The current security threats & the environment JOC (Japan Originated Company) is in:

One of the major issues many global companies had been facing is the vulnerable security measures at their overseas locations. It is even harder now to visit the site locally to check on the security measures due to COVID-19 situation.

There has been an increase on the inquiries on the endpoint security measures and IT governance security transparency since the latter part of 2020.So, I would like to talk about our Endpoint Security Solutions today.

What can you do with the cloud type Endpoint Security Management Tool?

Assessment of the end terminal units' security level using the [Automated Vulnerability Diagnosis] function:

A bird's-eye view of all the end units' security levels and violation details can be displayed.
It automatically diagnosis the end units for the "PC vulnerabilities" that are likely to be targeted by the cyber-attacks.
The units' conditions are evaluated against a security definition (state of how a PC should be) & shown as a summary list to show which PC has what kind of vulnerabilities.

Diagnosis elements:

  • OS patch application status
  • Software
  • Anti-virus software version status
  • Prohibited software usage

It is a database which shows the ideal "to-be" status (the most updated status) on things such as Windows updates, Adobe products, Java, virus protection software and web browsers. The dictionary is updated every day.

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External device control: to prevent information leaks by the files being taken out

The tool controls the use of the external devices such as USB memory and CD/DVD.
A same level of control can be made to the whole group, 
or it can be customized to give different rights per certain groups or individual units.
It prevents the employees from taking a confidential data.
External device controls on Mac units can also be made. Usage request function is also available.

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Collection of the operation logs on units that are taken out of the premises:

Regardless of whether the unit is connected to internal network or externally, the operation logs are taken on both Windows and Mac OS.
Should any violations are found, the alert results can be displayed in a report format.

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Centralized management on IT assets:

By collecting various data on the hardware and software, a proper management of the units can be made.
By doing so, the license usage can be optimized to reduce the cost & the information security measures can become more effective.

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Why the customers are choosing Netmarks Singapore

Netmarks Singapore can act as a liaison between the IT managers in Japan and the overseas locations to smoothly deploy the tools necessary.
As many of our customers are Japan originated companies, Netmarks Singapore members have a deep understanding of the Japan level of quality that are expected. Thus, we are able to provide a high quality of service which the customer can be satisfied with. Deployment of a security measure is simple; however, it is more important to focus on how to manage it every day after the deployment. Netmarks Singapore is making proactive advices on how to prevent risks using such management.

To learn more about cloud type Endpoint Security Management Tool, click here新規タブで開く.

30 days free trial is available, click here新規タブで開く.

How was the Endpoint Measures topic today?
I would like to continue providing information on a regular basis with the Netmarks Singapore team, so please look forward to it.

Yuji Yoshizawa

Senior Sales Manager, Netmarks Singapore新規タブで開く

Working hard in midst of this COVID-19 work from home condition to make sales activities to the Japanese corporations located in Singapore.

members of Netmarks Singapore A photo taken with the Netmarks Singapore members - I am furthest to the right.